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Key Key They never said winning was easy. Some people can't handle success, I can.

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* I am hosting the bot via Beep Boop, which hosts slack bots for free for a 24-hour period. After that, I'll have to restart the bot every 24 hours to maintain it being free. Because of this, you may experience some downtime.

Features & Commands

Key Key Mogul talk!


  • @khaledbot send key to @lordbanks in #tcnewsroom - Send a key to anyone in your slack team. You'll get the option to send the key annonymously or let them know its from you.

I will be adding more soon. Any ideas? Tweet me


  • When @khaledbot is invited to a channel, he sends you a special key
  • When a new user joins a channel, @khaledbot sends them a special key
  • @khaledbot listens for certain keywords, try saying khaled or dj in a channel @khaledbot is in. There are other keywords, but you'll have to find those out yourself.